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Originally Posted by ShootistPRS
It appears that just living in a state temporarily for a job assignment does not qualify
It would qualify if you're actually "making a home" there. Even if it's temporary. Again, ATF Ruling 2010-6 is quite clear on this. People keep getting hung up on the word "temporary", but here's the word in context from that Ruling:

Furthermore, temporary travel, such as short-term stays, vacations, or other transient acts in a State are not sufficient to establish a State of residence because the individual demonstrates no intention of making a home in that State.
It seems to me that it would be hard to convince a court that living somewhere for a few months on a temporary work assignment is a "transient act" that constitutes "temporary travel", especially considering the fact that the person must also demonstrate no intention of "making a home" in that state. We're specifically discussing situations where a person is actually making a home in a state. So, under federal firearms law -- and the ATF's interpretation of federal law -- that person is indeed a resident of that state, even if it's temporary.

Even if you're on a temporary work assignment, if you're doing the things that one would be expected to do when they're living somewhere (renting an apartment, traveling daily to a regular work assignment, sleeping there regularly, paying utility bills, etc.), it would be pretty hard to convince someone that you're not "making a home" there. And remember, if you're making a home in a state, then you're a resident of that state for the purposes of buying a firearm under federal law.
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