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It seems like "we have a failure to communicate."

The issue is we are dealing with two different levels of legislation. One is state, the other is federal and to make it even more obtuse the federal component involves ATF - gun control. (yes ATF is gun control no matter what the liberals say.)

For state purposes and voting you must have certain documentation like vehicle registration, voter registration, local utilities, etc. There is no federal counterpart to these. these are issued by the states. The federal gun laws are totally separate and that is why the items mentioned below aren't used to establish residence. Federal law depends on different criteria to establish residence. Criteria that are more vague than state definitions of residence. In case you are wondering why the state requirements are more strict try living in NY, CT, NJ, etc and say your residence is elsewhere. People try this to avoid paying their ridiculous taxes all the time they close the loopholes so they can take advantage of the people that live there. that's why I choose not to live in places like that.

Having said all of that, I have been denied purchase in a state where I was a residence using the federal restriction but the local dealer refused to file the form for permission for me to execute my 2A rights. It was cheaper to buy elsewhere than hire a lawyer to convenience the otherwise.

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