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So I guess the final word is,,,
If I really needed to remove the bayonet it could be done,,,
But it would probably have a negative effect on the overall accuracy.
No, I don't think so (part in italics).

I just sent one back, where the bayonet was removed, and the barrel cut/threaded/and re-crowned at the step.
Final length ended up at about 17-1/2" (as measured correctly from the boltface). No range report back yet, I need to email the customer. I'm sure it's a real flamethrower, though.

Anything hanging off or attached to the end of a barrel is going to have a negative effect on harmonics. I can see no way that removing that is going to degrade accuracy. Shift POI- certainly- but my money is on a more accurate rifle. I'll get hold of the customer and try to confirm...
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