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Amazing volume of WW2 relics recovered

Hi All

A couple of apologies first off. First one for it being so long since I last posted here. Second for if this isn't allowed!! I've looked at the forum rules to see if what I am doing is allowed, which is to post my finds the quickest way, by linking to my blog post about them. I have noted we can't link to commercial sites, (which this isn't), so think it's ok. If this isn't allowed, please can Mods/Admin let me know.

The permission that these relics were recovered from has produced some amazing relics over the years, and this trip was no different. Take a look, see what you think!

Incredible volume of WW2 relics recovered Stephen Taylor WW2 Relic Hunter

Here's a little taster of a tiny proportion of what is in the blog....

DSC_4284 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr
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