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Getting started with a NV rifle scope

I'm daunted by all the offerings in night vision and don't have the experience to know if I'm missing something important. I'm seriously considering the purchase of a NV rifle scope, but I could use some help on narrowing down the options. Here is what I know about my requirements.
- I'll likely be swapping it between three rifles, depending on what I'm hunting and the conditions. It would be either a bolt action in .204 Ruger, a bolt action 30.06, or an AR-15 in .223/5.56. (So units that won't work with a bolt action are out of consideration.)
- I'd like day/night functionality. Whether it's a single day/night capable unit or a night-only unit that fits in front of my existing scope doesn't make a lot of difference to me. I just don't want to re-zero between a day hunt and a night hunt on the same day.
- I'll be hunting primarily hogs and coyotes at night, and hogs, coyotes, and deer during the day. This is why I want it so I can go to night vision without the need to re-zero.
- I wouldn't mind having video capability, but it's a very secondary consideration.
- I'd like to have at least one ballistics (bullet drop) reticle of some sort available. I'm not convinced I'd like or use a size/framing rangefinder solution. (However, a built-in true laser rangefinder would be cool, if such a thing is made.)
- I'd prefer a scope I can use wearing my glasses.
- I'd certainly like the best resolution / target discrimination I can afford that's practical (useful). This trumps most every other consideration.
- I'd prefer staying in the $650 range, but I'd consider doubling that if the resolution/discrimination were astoundingly improved. In short, I guess I'm asking if would I be happier with a Gen 2 at $1300 and no bells or whistles over a $650 Gen 1 with all the bells and whistles? I just don't know.

Any suggestions on other factors I should consider will be appreciated, as will any suggestions on specific models I should consider. I have zero experience in this area.

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