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Ever notice how the only people tell the Nick Meli story have only the Nick Meli source? Did the shooter really retreat because he saw Nick Meli or did he do so because his gun had jammed? Which caused the shooter to stop shooting? I am thinking it was the gun that stopped working that he couldn't get to work, but that is just me.

The fact is whether it is a police officer or an armed citizen, an armed response cuts down the time the BG has to kill innocent.
Cops and armed citizens are innocents, like Mark Wilson or John Wilson. Or this officer.

Let's not forget that.

I understand that most CCW's have very little training, but to be honest your average patrol cop has very little training too.
Compared to CCW requirements across the country, LEO training is much more than CCW. Many states require absolutely no actual training for CCW. Some don't require a shooting test, even. In 16 states now, IIRC, no permit is required for citizens to carry guns, no qualifying exams, no training. I don't see any law enforcement agencies going that route.
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