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That sucks about the slide cracking. But, to echo what others have said already, stuff like this can happen to the best of them. One of my worst gun experiences was with a brand new Ruger Mark II years back. The thing was a jam-o-matic with any ammo I tried. The disassembly lever in the grip would pop out when firing as well. Sent it in to Ruger and they did some work on it. Took it back out and the damn thing detonated a round outside of the chamber! The gun jammed all up with the brass shrapnel. Sent it in again and they replaced the whole receiver. By this time, I was too shaken to trust it and sold it off. Maybe I got the one made on a Friday afternoon right before the factory closes for the weekend. Stuff happens. Ruger has a good reputation overall, but in this case they let a lemon out. I was mad for a while, but it's nothing that would make me want to rally up a crowd with torches and pitchforks to storm the castle. I got over it and I'd buy from them again. Push on the manufacturer to make things right. If they care about their customers and their reputation, they'll take care of you.
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