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The pistol is for fun NOT defense of life
Who ever said this would be a good gun for defense of life? It is a fun little plastic .22, nothing more. If you ever come across a .22 that looks as good and is as fun to shoot as the P22 and only costs $229, you let me know and I will be more than willing to buy one. The only thing that even comes close is the Bersa Thunder .22 and they are around $235 and dang near impossible to find.

I have a SW99 as well and my buddy has the P99 and they are both excellent weapons and are made well. The P22 is a replica of the P99 that actually fires real bullets.... think of it as a novelty gun that is a blast to shoot, not something to pass on to the grandkids. If the $229 price tag for a plastic and zinc pistol bothers you that much, get the MKII and I'm sure you will be much happier.

It's kind of like the Desert Eagles. They are the only (to my knowledge) autoloading pistols chambered in .50ae, .44mag, and .357mag and they are very fun to shoot. HOWEVER, both times that I have shot one, it jammed consistently. For $800-$1200 you would think that it would be a flawlessly functioning weapon, but it was not meant for self-defense, so reliability was not the main priority, it is more of a novelty gun and some use it for hunting (for which the occasional jam does not mean life or death for the user). People know that they have their issues occasionally and people still buy them.

I have owned 2 Ruger's (a MKI and a MKII) and have traded back to my P22 both times. And now I wouldn't trade my P22 for a Ruger anyday... even if the slide cracks, I will get it fixed and keep going as I am sure that most P22 owners would.
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