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Kel-Tec is my recommendation. It folds up to 16", so it can be stowed in any laptop bag (with a laptop!) or in the bottom of a backpack for low-profile carrying if you need it. It's also startlingly accurate, and downright fun to shoot. It has an almost subgun-like look that tends to draw curious onlookers at the range. Tall people would probably want the 1" butt pad extension.

You can get a model that uses the same mags as your handgun if you use a Beretta, Glock, or S&W 59 series. Mags are not pricey if you know where to shop for any of those types of magazines. I regularly get 20rd Mec-Gars for mine for under $17.

Also, Kel-Tec has a fitted lower guard picatinny rail for it (I have a light on mine), as well as a springloaded scope mount, sling, and the aforementioned butt pad. You don't need to improvise any home-made solutions. You don't need to drill or cut anything for a forward grip on it, just get the Kel-Tec picatinny rail, it's like $15, unscrew fore-end, drop rail in slot, put screws back in, attach foregrip or whatever.
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