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I own a hi-point 9mm carbine, and I absolutely love the thing. Relaible (have had zero malfunctions of any kind) and accurate, but the 15 rounders are unreliable (or so I hear).

If you must have more mag capacity, I'd say go with Kel-tec. A friend of mine has one in .40 S&W and though he hasn't fired it yet, it does handle well (if you like REALLY short guns) and it looks very well put together. I also like the location of the charging handle, and how you lock it in the rearward position.

However, 33 round mags are gonna be a tad pricey.

It doesn't have too many factory add-ons, but some things aren't hard to make yourself. You can remove the fore-end and drill on a bit of weaver rail for an AR-15 vertical forward grip, They sell a scope mount for it somewhere, and you can find light/laser mounts that clamp to the barrel or you could just put them on the fore grip with the procedure I descibed previously.
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