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Had a PT99. Locking block shattered. This wouldn't have been a catastrophic failure, except the design of the gun doesn't lend itself to getting it apart when this happens. When my locking block broke, it acted like it was just "jammed". So, in the process of trying to get the slide back the schards of steel wedged their way between the slide and the soft aluminum rails. Getting the gun apart gouged up the soft aluminum rails pretty badly, but still serviceable. I had to have a gunsmith get it apart and fit a new locking block to it. The replacement locking blocks from Taurus looked like cheap cast parts

Years later, Taurus admitted there was a problem with the locking blocks and stated the "fix" for this is to cut the barrel in sections so as to get the gun apart when this happens. So, my opinion is that its just not a good design.

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