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Just because doing something dangerous has not yet resulted in an injury for you, does not mean that it is not a dangerous activity. Thumbs forward on a revolver is dangerous, and you are not holding the gun safely.
Its not dangerous, if you do it properly.

My thumbs forward on with my revolvers looks just like Miculek's grip (in the first pic you see the left side of the gun in his link), except my thumbs are reversed. My off hand thumb does not protrude past the face of the cylinder, and sits along the frame under it. Thats where it naturally lies, when my hand is correctly on the grip.

If you look a how the person in your link is holding that .460, you can see right off, its not a correct grip. His off hand is not on the grip at all, its holding the gun at the trigger guard and forward. "That" is a dangerous thing to do.

And one more comment. With a short-barreled gun, the danger does not just come from the cylinder gap. It also comes because people with their thumbs forward occasionally drift a thumb in front of the muzzle while shooting, so there's a risk from both muzzle blast and the bullet itself.
I shoot a couple of 642's once or twice a month, and a 2.5" Model 19 once or twice a week this time of year, and again, my thumbs never pass the face of the cylinder, and there is never even a hint of soot or anything else on them because of how Im shooting.

I would say if youre getting burnt or hit with something, or your grip looks like the boy who blew the digit off, then youre definitely doing something wrong, and you need some instruction on how to hold the gun. Im not saying that grip will work for everyone (Im sure none of them will for everyone), but I dont see how it wouldnt work for most, unless you have excessively large hands, or something else going on.
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