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I shoot thumbs forward with my revolvers as well, and its never been an issue.
Years ago, my grandfather used to get very upset with people who complained about his driving. "I don't know why people don't want to ride with me!" he would say. "I've never had an accident."

"I am not surprised," my grandma would reply. "You will never have but one."

Just because doing something dangerous has not yet resulted in an injury for you, does not mean that it is not a dangerous activity. Thumbs forward on a revolver is dangerous, and you are not holding the gun safely.

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And one more comment. With a short-barreled gun, the danger does not just come from the cylinder gap. It also comes because people with their thumbs forward occasionally drift a thumb in front of the muzzle while shooting, so there's a risk from both muzzle blast and the bullet itself.

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