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My Mossberg 500 Parkerized is showing abnormal wear for low count

I put about 250 rounds through it the other day at the gun range and the thing looks pretty badly worn. My 870 remington is no were near is this, it still looks new outside the fact of some cycling wear.

The barrel has these long wear marks, scratches on the top by the bead(like parkerized is fading/light grey marks, its all light marks nothing that "STANDS OUT") The undercarage has this long 7 inch or so and 2 inches wide mark, like someone let a mini ruler sit on it and removed some finish/lighten parkerized. The receiver has some more wear marks now, and the trigger housing pin wanted to pop out about 5 or 6 times.

I really enjoy it shooting with a pistol grip in houge tammer set. It was easier to shoot with the pistol grip than with the buttstock + a recoil pad. I had no pain shooting it with the pistol grip, very controlable.
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