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I decided to set it up and have it running for the call to customer service...much to my surprise it seems to work nearly perfectly now.

One weight is still marginally different than the other, but its now almost insignificant. The first weight pops right up to 771.5 grains (I think 771.6 is supposed to be exactly 50grams, but close enough) and the other initially reads 771.3 but quickly comes up to 771.5 (9 times out of 10) if left to sit for 2-3 seconds.

I'm not sure what the difference is, I'm using the scale in the same room, nothing is very near to it, or running and the first use it was sitting on a large sturdy hardwood kitchen table....this time I sat it on the granite counter top, just a few feet from the table. I guess it just prefers stone to hardwood, because I tried everything last time, even cleaning the weights incase of microscopic dust or oil.
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