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Trouble with RCBS electric scale ?

Does this sound unusual to anyone else, or is this just the normal margin for error that I should be expecting from electric scales?

I read the manual, tried the set up proceedure several times and have the scale on a flat, hard, stable surface with no air flow around it.

Now to the problem, one of the calibration weights is ever so slighly heavier than the other, if one reads 50grams the other will come in at 49.8grams. What's more, the scale reads the lighter weight inconsistently....when I first place it down, it may give a reading of 49.6gr and the scale will indicate "stable" then over the next 30 seconds the weight will creep up to 49.8gr or sometimes stay at 49.7

This seems like a pretty big margin for uncertaintly to me, considering we are talking grams, Not the much smaller grains (which I was hoping to have 0.1 certainty in)
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