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sounds like a great idea, until you actually have to make people put their lives, family, and property where their mouth is...

Exactly right. You are on your own when it comes down to this. Too many will talk the talk, and nothing more
In reality, it doesn't take many. Think about the 3% concept.

It only took 3% of the population to have our revolution. What are 3% of American Gun owners, 3 -4 Million, not to mention others who believe in freedom who don't own guns but would join in if the government turns on the people as happened during the revolutionary war.

Sorry, as idiotic as some of our politicians seem, none are that stupid.

I think Teddy Roosevelt understood the threat when he created the CMP, (Then DCM), to furnish military arms to the Citizens and Train them in their use. I also thought it was in back of Gen Ike's mind when he created an army unit (The AMU) to train not only the military, but civilians alike.

Congress continued since 1903 to Commission the DCM to fulfill its mission, And since 1996, Congress doesn't even fund the CMP. They lost the tool of cutting funds to stop a program.

Now I hate the term "it wont happen here" but I'm also a realist. This isn't England, this isn't Russia, Iran, China, etc. etc, etc.

Our government, with all the problems it has, provides us with the tools to keep something like this from happening. Sad part is too many of us fail to take advantage of those tools, but enough do, it only takes 3%.

This is not something I loose a lot of sleep over.
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