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It won't happen again.....

In the modern era, with NATO and nukes (which we wouldn't be allowed to use, anyway), but wouldn't it be ironic if a "foreign power" again threatened England with invasion (or overthrow?) and they came crying to US, AGAIN, for guns, like they did in 1940?

If that happened, I'd be highly tempted to adopt a "you made your bed...." attitude.

What is slightly more plausible is what would be called "civil unrest" by the press, although there is nothing "civil" about it. If the violent underclass were to actually orgainze (perhaps led or aided by radical Islamists) large enough civil unrest could evolve into civil war. Woe to the honest law abiding if that happens.

But, that is also a highly unlikely situation. What is most likely is the current status quo will continue, with more and more people becoming victims, until a tipping point is finally reached and the English people finally realize their faith and trust in government to protect them, as individuals at home and on the street has been misplaced.

I would expect a virtual police state (but of course, a polite one, they are British, after all) before that happens. No weapons (of any conceivable kind) allowed, virtually complete video surveillance of the entire nation, 24/7, suspension of legal rights in criminal cases (to stream line the system), any and everything the politicians can think of to try to maintain law and order will be done. And done badly, if history is any guide.

I see things going from bad to worse, and unless the British people manage to do something serious about it, soon, I don't think their next "Lord Protector of the Realm" will be a very nice guy.
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