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Rob Pincus
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Thaddues, I am all for that.. I shoot for myself at the home range all the time. I guess I have put off IDPA for so long and been told so many times that is was "not a game," that I was dissappointed in the scoring system. Honestly, I would never have been happy. I have a tendancy to be overly critical.. in case no one has noticed .

Stuntman's name is Cliff. We hit it off right away... When you are the only two guys from New Jersey at an IDPA match in the middle of Nowhere County Tennessee, you instantly have good reason to be friendly with one another!

Do you think we need to pre-register for Saturday? My buddy and I really want to shoot the match, but we are not "IN" with all the club guys up there enough to know if they have all pre-registered or not.

Let me know what you think.

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