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Just remember when someone says they " like their Citori " - there are 27 different models ....... which model are they talking about / what do they like it for ...etc..

I like the XS Skeet model Citori, 30" barrels, at about 8 1/2 lbs ( with the adjustable comb ) for all around shooting. I like that one model so much - I have purchased separate guns in 12, 20, 28ga and .410 ....( the 20, 28ga and .410 are all on the 20ga receiver ).

I like the Citroi XT Trap - 32" barrels at about 10 lbs for Trap only ...

There are a number of Citori's that I don't like ( like the 625 / because it has too much drop at the comb and heel ). I have a Citori Lightning 12ga and a 20ga / both 28" barrels - both around 7 1/2 lbs - and as I've learned more about various shotguns / I no longer like that model ( and they have too much drop at comb and heel for me / as they did when they were new, although I didn't realize it at the time ).

I also like the Citori BT-100 - as a single barrel Trap Gun / but I like the XT Trap O/U Citori better ......

So my point is, its all relative .....and to some extent to my style of shooting, my build, etc.

But I have friends that love the Citori 525's, XS Specials, Lightning's, BT 99's, even one that shoots an XT Trap ( with 30" barrels for Skeet and sporting clays )... and as one of my buddies says, the XT is a great Trap gun - but it swings like a "big ole sewer pipe" for a game like Skeet ...
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