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I don't have the experience of many here but I'll second what Big Jim said regarding fit.

I've had a couple health issues that had the pleasant side effect of me losing 35 pounds. The Browning works much better with its more or less straight stock. When I'm a bit more, shall we say, "cherubic" the Beretta fits better (noticeable cast-off in the beast - totally unusable for southpaws).

I have no Citoris - somehow or other I wound up with two Cynergies but my mama always said I marched to the tune of a different orchestra. The Cynergies seem more lithe to me and were priced about the same. I've even warmed up to the 20 Ga "classic sporting" despite the colander that Browning deposited on the muzzle end of both barrels. That's saying a lot as I detest porting but somehow still like the firearm.
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