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I beleive you will find the record on the Red Label hit or miss, pun fully intended, and literal.

Some are fine and some have safety, firing pin, or lock up issues. With that said I know two guys that love then and won't have anything else. Each of their guns are live bird guns (carry guns).

The Red Label was not intended for the clay tracks. For casual shooting it will be fine but the Citori would be better (of the two listed).

The Citori Hunter is also not a clay games gun but will make a better cross over gun than the RL.

I am sure BigJim, will chime in soon and give the full indoctrination on Browning - always informed and straight advice.

Your budget of $1,500 is very reasonable and will work for a really nice cross over gun.

One last point, shotguns are about fit more than say a rifle. So you will want to work on fit. The gun needs to look where you look, no matter what you end up with.

OK, I lied, one more last point. It would be helpful to know if you are looking more for a hunting arm or a clay gun. They are two different animals.
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