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Forgive me for my probable overstatement, ALLYCAT I do have AR15s and I do agree the weapons you mentioned are good weapons = perhaps I ran my tongue too far without thinking = I do that from time to time.
Harry B.
Harry, you certainly haven't offended me, and I'm always interested in your advice and opinions. Honestly, when I first noticed your posts, I thought that you'd made your name up, and it was hard for me to think that you were always being serious.

I sure do like my old, pristine Colt Cobra more than those five-shot S&W snubbies.

My personal experience with my Woodsman has been excellent. Had to go online to figure out how to strip it for proper cleaning, but, now that I've figured all that out, it runs great. I have noticed that the mags need to be kept clean, and, contrary to everything that I know about mags, I even lightly lube the mags.

The advantage that you have over me, Harry, is that you've actually worked on a bunch of problem firearms, while I'm blessed with possessing mostly functioning, non-defective firearms.
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