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Al Qaeda Shootin Up The Shopping Mall

Now we all know of course that when the Al Qaeda boys start spraying in the shopping mall we are gonna take cover and take em out with our trusty Taurus with 5 mags and a surefire light, or even run to the car and get the SKS out of the trunk and engage em long range....

But walter Mitty aside, if you are like me, you avoid malls on gneral principle.

On the other hand, your wife, and just as important, your TEENAGERS, dont.

So what have you done to prepare them...other than fantasing about goin one on one with the nasties with your CCW have you given any real thought to the problem?

Have you walked with your teenage daughter through the mall and made sure she knew the escape routes? Explained how to take cover? Run through possible scenarios? Drilled them...

Now up in Alaska, theres a remote chance of Obamas attacking...but how bout down in Virginia...or NY..or PA? Think it cant happen?

I know its sad that we have to live life that way..on the other hand Im old enough to remmber air raid drills in elementary school, although how kneeling with your head against the wall would help save a life when a MIRV popped is beyond me....

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