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Over 30 years ago I used to shoot the NRA course with the "three calibers", .45 ACP, .38 Special, and .22 LR. That was at 25 and 50 yards outdoors, and at the one indoor range it was 50 feet. We shot slow, timed, and rapid fire. One-hand stance.

I just recently started shooting IDPA matches, and I am REALLY enjoying it. I use an H&K USP Tactical .45 ACP, and will be using a Kimber .45 ACP soon as well. The COF (courses of fire) vary, with some targets as close as 2 yards, but most at 5 through 10 yards, and some are at 15 and 20 yards. We shoot from a two-hand stance, and also with just our strong hand and our weak hand; standing, kneeling, around barriers, etc. The silhouette target ‘center’ is and 8” diameter circle that is just traced on the cardboard, and the head is 6” square. Some of the COF require two shots to the body (circle) and one to the head, or perhaps two to the head.

A description of the Classifier Course of Fire can be seen at
and the ‘diagram’ link at the bottom shows the distances to the targets.

I have been surprised at how well some of the guys (and gals) shoot, and how I have been able to learn to acquire the target quickly, and hit it. It is not unusual to get two or three shots within an inch of each other even at 15 yards while shooting one shot per second or faster. And yes, everyone with whom I have talked uses their sights and does not just point-and-shoot. But I suspect that someone, somewhere points-and-shoots at some of the targets, but I understand that it is not good practice to mix the styles.

I still practice at 15 and 25 yards most of the time. What I have found that has helped me the most is dry firing at home. I dry fir a lot more than I fire at the range, and it is a lot cheaper. I learned to draw and acquire the target quickly, and the pull the trigger without moving the gun, which had been the most challenging part when trying to do it fast – at least for me.

Hope this is of some help –


BTW, I am 59, and learning something everyday...
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