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As Jim Keenan notes, NRA Bullseye has slow fire (10 rds in ten minutes) at 50yds. The 10-ring on those targets is 3.3 inches in diameter. 90+ out of a possible 100 is reasonable there for Experts and up. For Timed/Rapid (5 shots in 20sec/5 shots in 10sec) the same target is moved to 25yds, and perfect Timed scores are had occasionally by Experts (and usually had by Masters/HighMasters), somewhat less so for Rapid.

At 50yds adequate .45ACP pistols will hold a 3" group off a rest, the best achieve about 1.5". Your two 9mm's probably will do 4-6" at best at 50yds. If you want to rule out the loose nut behind the trigger you might set two target frames in line (one at 10yds and one at 25yds), make sure the 10yd one has only a paper target and no cardboard backing, and see if the groups are better at 25yds when you're shooting at a 10yd target.
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