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Originally Posted by Aguila Blanca View Post
Despite the fact that we are supposed to be a color blind society (wink, wink -- nudge, nudge), it's probably a given that when Thomas leaves the court he will have to be replaced by another person of [a specific] color or we'll have more riots in all the major cities. The direction that person of color leans will, of course, be determined by which party is in power at the time because, as we have seen, qualifications and dedication to the Constitution have become secondary to poitical optics.
Thomas is a very smart man, I think he knows this and he has probably groomed a few clerks of color to be his successor over the past 10-20 years, so if the "right" party is in power at the time finding a near carbon copy of Thomas will not be difficult, especially if one is a judge in a district or appeals court.
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