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Indeed she is confirmed. I am pleased, though I fear the side opposing ACB may actually try some of the backlash nonsense they’ve threatened (pack the court, suspend all forms of the filibuster, etc). Alas I think those threats are way overblown.

Anyone who drives a car to the office puts lives at risk to do his job. How we weigh those risks is highly variable, especially over the last seven months. We had people die in the invasion of Grenada for a result less substantive and consequential than Barret's confirmation.
Very well said, and an argument I’ve made for quite some time. There is no promise that this goes away any time soon (or ever), or that a vaccine will be any more effective than a yearly flu shot. As a matter of fact, not just no promises... it’s not even a likelihood. So we are left with the risk of coronavirus. I’m sure our odds are radically better than soldiers during d-day or Marines at Iwo Jima. I hope nothing so important, yet gruesome and costly, is ever asked of this generation. All of Europe would speak German and Jews wouldn’t exist.
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