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I am not sure if people are not aware of AKSU74 which is 5.45x39 caliber with 950rds per minute rate of fire. This perfect for combat in close places due to size and fire power.
High rate of fire is good if the shooter can control the weapon and sticks to using controlled bursts. Sure, spraying a room wildly might hit someone, but if the hit isn't in a vital area and your mag suddenly runs empty (which will happen after ~2 seconds of full-auto), then you can be shot while changing mags or changing to your backup handgun.

I'd still prefer a 12 gauge with buckshot against unarmored foes. A reliable semi-auto (or even pump) shotgun will put lead out more quickly than just about anything. If you can shoot the shotgun, say, 2x per second, that's 18 pellets of .33 caliber per second. Killing (not just hitting) quickly is vital in CQB, and that's where the shotgun excels. (Alas, I still don't even own one.)
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