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I've never figured out how to post pictures, and will try again over the next few days.

Anyway, I have a 12" 12G Maverick 88. This is the "front end" from a 1980s Cobray Rogue AOW parts set stuck on a 2019 purchase Maverick. It's Form 1'd as an SBS.

A generic 10/22 folder with 4.5" Charger barrel. SBR suppressor host. I may not live long enough to get this thing reliable.

AND what is the only SBS I've ever heard of on a Winchester Model 25. These are the 1949-54 solid frame version of a Model 12. I found mine already cut from 30" Full to 18.5", and about 50% grey patina overall. I would not have done this to a nicer example. It's a 15" barrel now. 12G 2 3/4 chamber, no disconnector, and kind of pretty wood.

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