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Originally Posted by Sure Shot Mc Gee View Post
H110 is one of the best powders as is 296 that I preferred at a time when win was winchester brand. As far as bullets I've always like the 210 class of weight for my pistol. As I manually H.P. 240 cast to 210 weight. 240gr. jacketed weight gave the best accuracy in my rifles. (Ruger 44 mag semi & Win 94 Trapper.) Sold the Regan era Trapper and gave the Ruger to my son for his brace of hunting rifles.
As of Christmas the Ruger long ago became a safe queen according to my son. To be honest if interested in a straight wall rifle cartridge. I would rather have a 45-70 or 500 SW big bore than a 44 mag.
I hear you buddy and I know people like H110. Just it isn't easy to get here and is running nearly twice the cost of N110 when you can find the Hodgdon stuff.

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