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Originally Posted by KEYBEAR View Post
Viht's current online data for the 240gr Hornady JTC-Sil is 20.4-22.1 which is a 1.7gr range.

My VihtaVuori manual is a older copy maybe 20 years old .
The manual has a starting load of 19.9 and max of 21.7 useing N110 .
Just me but i do not care for a powder that close to start and max loads .
I have a pound of N110 that a dealer gave me some time ago i will not use it .
The powder (N110) is temperature sensitive as in my manual .

I shoot a bunch of unique and 240gr. lead bullets .
My load in handguns is 10.2 and like it
Hi Keybear,

N110 is a bit temp sensitive but so are all the H110, 2400, W296 type powders. N110 is at least single based so likely to be a bit less so.

Certainly H110 is rarely seen with more than a 1.0gr spread (Both Nosler and Hodgdon quote the 240gr JSP with only a 1.0gr spread).

I hear what you are saying with a 10.2 gr load but that has no hope of making the muzzle energy requirements I need unfortunatley (I quite often plink with a 240gr RNFP and about 6.5gr of Unique)
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