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Question to the OP.....what is the manufacture of your .44 lever rifle?

The 1-20" twist rate description of the OP's .44 has caught my eye. Most all the traditional .44 mag lever carbines (and the original Ruger semi .44) were twisted 1-38" and gave so-so accuracy in many examples. The faster twist rate of 1-20" is more in line with revolver twist rates and was used by Ruger in their model 96 and 99 carbines before they went defunct. I don't know what twist rate was used in the last of the Marlin levers.

The .44/265gr brought the .444 Marlin up to its true potential. The lighter slugs were far better suited to .44 mag velocities. If I had a .44 mag carbine with a 1-20" twist, I'd shoot 240 gr JHP for deer. The 240 gr slug is a chunk of lead, and I cannot imagine it not passing thru a whitetail on a broadside shot. If I felt I needed more penetration, I'd opt for a JSP. Big (200 lb plus) hogs are tough, but they are not bullet proof.
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