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Temperature is the key. Above 40 degrees f the bacteria that are in the bones will move outward from the bone causing a sour taste. Also any other bacteria in the meat will multiply and cause spoilage. When I kill something big in warm weather it gets packed in ice within the first hour. Usually just after skinning. It stays in ice until it goes into a cooler at the butcher shop or I process it. Usually within 5 days. Between 35 and 40 degrees f the bacteria that are in the meat will slowly break down the tough meat and make it more tender. The beef industry ages for up to 2 weeks for the tenderizing and flavor that it allows. Aging is not necessary but it helps. Flavor will be better if the skin is off asap, in warm weather at least. Keep it clean as you can and wash it after it is skinned. My father in law likes to wipe them down with a sponge with water and vinegar.(1 cup vinegar to 2 quarts water or there abouts) Most important is to remove the loose hair that inevitably gets on the meat. It has countless bacteria that can affect flavor and cause spoiling. Get it to 40 degrees as soon as you possibly can.
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