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Originally Posted by shafter
I don't care if a company has been bought and sold over the years. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Smith and Wesson today the same company as it was a hundred years ago?
Actually it's not. S&W sold us down the river to to the Klinkton administration AWB bunch. Many of us stopped doing business with them. The new owners denounced to old and promised to be more 2nd. Amendment friendly. We show our support by doing business with them. I wouldn't call that the SAME company.

Originally Posted by tomrkba

We really are a nation of bungholes if that irritates you. Maybe thereoughttabealaw!

Maybe you should spend that irritation on little things such as the new AWB, Congress spending trillions of dollars beyond its income, and the President ordering the murder of American citizens without jury trial. It's these little things, such as advertising, that caused the Founders to suffer through nearly a decade of war with a world power. Nah...gun ads are far more important.
I just sent an E-mail to my local Whole Foods and a letter the CEO because of a No Firearms sign that has just been posted. I'm in constant contact with my Congressmen/Congresswoman. Some of us can do more than one thing at a time. Maybe others should give it a try.
Guns are not dangerous! People are! RKBA!
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