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forgot a few things.....

Location, location and location......... sound like I'm trying to sell a house?

My friend also said and I agree in Michigan anyhow..... The harder it is to get into a thick tangle of woods.....that would be a good spot to hunt too. The bear in Michigan for most part are private animals in general. Once and awhile one gets seen here or there but for the population of Blackies in Michigan few citizens see a bear during a lifetime. That sounds like getting into some thick country for best chances. I don't know what location in Arizona your in but I bet same holds true? One other idea that someone noted was water location(s) to hunt. I think that is great advice because Water, Food, Love and Security must be the big 4 on most living things minds? I often hunt on a little creek and it has shown many times in the past that the little water locations shouldn't be overlooked either. Food can be considered anything bears will put in mouth..... If any agriculture, large garden plots, apple or orchard fruits and even consider a large graze area if sheep or livestock are near.... The love part is a little tougher and I won't try to figure bears out either.....can't always figure humans out so I am far from the person for help on that one... Last was a security area or paths showing travel to heavy cover......when the going gets rough if I were a bear and getting nervous about the present environment I would head to the thickest and nasty stuff to get-a-away........... Good luck in your hunt......let us know how you do ......good or bad it is an educational lesson everytime we head out to the boonies...... Regards....
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