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It's pretty much a tossup, but I'm with Art on the 44 Mag. It's just a bit more versatile. It will do a bit better in a pinch as a hiking/trail gun and give you access to a slightly wider variety of game at short ranges.

Anecdotal add in:
Check out the '44 bullets offered by Randy Garrett. One of the best boars we've taken on our lease was taken by Ashley Emerson last year with a 44 Mag LG. 55 yards, broadside thru the boiler room. He ran about 40 yards pumping blood like a garden hose.

I'm certain with the right .357, in the right circumstances this could be replicated. But why go lighter on the caliber when the 44 Mag in a rifle is gonna be a -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- cat to shoot?

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