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YES !!! There can be marked differences. I had a lot of new once-fired Hornady 38SPL brass from their factory 38 WC ammunition in which 38/44 handloads would chop the case heads off as slick as a lazer cut when shot out of my M27 5" 357MAG. Fire six, open the cylinder, and all six caseheads would drop into your hand. The body of the cases would come out easily, sometimes just by shaking the pistol if the chargeholes were not too dirty yet. The same handloads in W-W, RP, FED, S'line, S&W, SAKO, or Norma 38SPL brass never gave a moments trouble. I still use all this brass but dumped the remaining Hornady forthwith posehaste !
Incidently, those 38/44 handloads did 1395fps with 158grSWC bullets.
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