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You could take out three brand new guns of any manufacture and shoot the same ammo out of all three of them and get three different results. RaySendero pointed this out very well. I'd suggest that in the interest of getting the very best accuracy out of your gun that you try several different brands of high end/quality ammo such as Eley, RWS, Wolf, SKS, and Norma to start. Shoot only standard velocity. I have found that CCI std. velocity performs at about 90-95% as well as the top true target ammo. One other thought on this: Very few Rugers are true target guns. Back when I shot a lot of silhouette, I never saw a Ruger winning any matches. I started with one and soon moved on to something else. I'm not knocking Rugers, they make some very good guns. They simply don't make very good target guns. A good target gun will keep five shots under .5" at twenty-five yards on a regular basis with target quality ammo that the gun likes. Some guns will do even better. I've owned a couple of Buckmarks that would shoot a ragged hole at that distance for five shots (all off of a bagged rest, not off hand). Good luck.
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