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Yes just be careful with range pick-up brass. It might be premium once fired left by a non reloader. Or it could be multi-fired and at the end of it's useful life and not worth picking up again by the original owner-loader. Always very very carefully inspect range pick-ups and scrap any that is questionable. Range brass has always been one source of reloading brass for me. I really like when some non-reloading friends shoot a few hundred rounds and I get the brass. With the high cost of brass it's worth sorting through range found brass. When buying 1000 round lots of military once fired brass I usually find 5-10 cases with stretch marks inside or cracks so careful inspection is necessary even with once fired from a reputable source. Even new commercial cases you normally buy in 100 round bags can show defects.
Your own cases need close inspection every loading but unknown brass needs a little more checking.

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