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Your P220 to have a stainless frame and slide would tend to be a P220-45-SSS or P220-45-SBSS, if not, your box will indentify it if it really is stainless. A lot frames are marked "made in Germany". All my alloy frames are marked as such. Frames may be German production, but new slides are stainless. True German made pistols have Proof marks on the bottom of the slide. Just turn your pistol over and at the very end you may see these proof marks, but only if it is a ture German made pistol. There are now so many varieties that it is truely hard to keep things straight.

At this time I am not sure if they produce their own frames yet, or if sourced from Germany. Seems to be Germany still. But all the pistols are assembled here in the states. There are only a few models that I am aware of that are still true German made.

Now be it know, this information is to the best of my knowlegde at this time. There are general rules for Sigs, old versus new, but new models seem to appear daily and I do not keep up with them all.

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