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This depends also on what you consider “high priced scope levels”. Not mocking you whatsoever, but there is a set by Weaver, its two pieces, one has magnets on it that click onto your receiver rails with bolt removed. (Safety first, yo). Then the other one sits on top of either your elevation adjustment cap or the adjustment screw, whichever one it rests flatter on.

This way you can get it level right to the receiver. I have had great luck with this system.

There are those that are embedded in the stock, which are great, but would hardly use them, and you’d still need to procure a second level for your actual scope. They can be pricey.

Then the middle ground are those ones that clamp onto your scope like a third ring.

But in the end, I’d do like stated above. Get some hardware store specials and be done with it. Level is level is level.
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