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Cheap works.!!!

do I really need to buy one of these high priced scope levels, or will any cheap level from the hardware store do?
By my measure, you do not and as you stated most store levels will work just fine. Keep in mind that this reply is coming from a "Deplorable" and I like to keep is simple and inexpensive. A friend of mine tried to sell me on a high end gear and after all was compared, my method was "slightly" better easier to set up and material wise, cost a lot less. .....

Most folks forget that they are not leveling the scope to a level but leveling the reticles to the earth. I always use a Plum-Line on a side wall as well as two small levels. There is a video on YouTube by a Marine that really explains it well. ......

I went into YouTube and although, I did not locate the one mentioned above, I did find this one that reflects what I posted. Notice that at one point, he mentions about leveling the scope and quickly corrects himself and says': Reticles .....

Be Safe !!!
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