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I do not practice law.

I have substantial experience in working with and for corporate attorneys; I have taken a great deal of what would, if I were an attorney, be classified as Continuing Legal Education; I have taken more formal classroom training in use of force law than many attorneys receive in law school.

As was the case during my varied corporate career, nothing from my pen ever sees the light of day without having been vetted by at least one attorney. Spats McGee often contributes to my postings, but at the time the OP was drafted, he was tied up practicing law.

I live in Missouri, and while I read the statutes, review relevant appellate rulings, and discuss pertinent issues with attorneys and law enforcement personnel, I do not consider myself an expert on Missouri use of force law. I have not read the Missouri jury instructions for criminal cases, and a knowledge of those instructions would be desirable for anyone who wants to discuss the castle doctrine in any depth.

I carry a firearm, but I have never drawn one outside of my home.
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