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Yet another got-my-deer-this-year story.

So the places I hunt have, it seems to me, a lot of deer. Have a very comfortable tree stand at the edge of an open field. Have even planted some apple trees there to attract future deer. I have a trail camera down by those apple trees. Went to hunt there first day of gun season in IL. I'm a lazy hunter and waited to do the afternoon/evening hunt. Pulled the chip out of the trail camera, climbed into the stand, clipped in and settled. Looked at the pics on the trail cam. NOTHING. For three weeks it appears that only maybe once a deer visited the area. So I'm thinking, that this till be a nothing hunt. Well I got into the stand at about 2:00. By 3:00 I was field dressing a nice doe. Apparently the deer come along the edge of the field and my camera was a bit into the field where the apple trees are. LIFE IS GOOD!

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