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Okay this isn't scientific in the least and comes from no studies of any kind but here goes anyways. Have any studies been done regarding shots right to the groin? Specifically to the male genitalia? I am sure my question will be laughed at, or scoffed at, but I am seriously wondering about the psychological impact of getting shot right in the (fill in your own graphic term).
I assume you are asking about aiming for the crotch with the genitals the intended target,and you assure me you are serious.
Given the only justification for an SD shoot is being in the immediate threat of death or great bodily injury,and given that seldom includes stationary targets...
I think the judge,jury and prosecutor might tend to be skeptical.

I'm seeing a movie scene where you pull the gun,the talisman of CONTROL,and the victim raises his hands,cowering,begging for mercy.You come up with some clever line like Eastwood and blow his dingleberries off for the sake of justice.
I think something like that is what the prosecutor might envision.

If you are really good enough to swing up a 9mm and whack the suspended anatomy,why not choose the medulla? Just asking.
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