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Originally Posted by rickyrick View Post
Those carry handle uppers are pretty spendy and sometimes hard to obtain, I had wanted to make an A1/A2 clone but lost interest before I could ever get my hands on one.

What era are you wanting to replicate? There are differences between the years besides just carry handle or flat top.

I own a 16” FN CHF barrel and it pretty good, not as accurate as my unlined barrels. The difference is minimal and not scientific; so it’s merely my perception and opinion and not stating as fact.
Also, military m16s didn’t have CHF barrels, but in theory CHF is good to go.

I would get one of the FN barrels from PSA if they have what you want. I like their products just fine.

I will probably end up building a flattop government fakery as I had given up on the carry handle upper
Ya fitted out they are about $200, but figure in that is also a good quality rear sight included in the package. I want an A2 because they offer elevation adjustment, but in reality its not needed just I figure may as well have it..

It is important to pay attention to the details, not all have shell deflectors or M4 ramps (I think those features are not historically accurate but I certainly want them).

For me its not about a replica - I just like the style, makes for a tough and reliable rifle. Nice to keep a couple around with iron sights.
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