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Originally Posted by jmstr View Post
Do you want an A2 upper?

or are you looking for an A3/A4 Upper, with a detachable carry handle?

If you were unaware, Palmetto State Armory sells CHF Chrome-Lined barrels that are made from 'machine gun steel'- as these are allegedly from the same assembly line as the ones FN makes for their 249 and M4s.

I have both a 20" and a 16" A3/4 upper from them with the detachable carry handles, and these barrels have the CHF stamp, as well as being stamped 'FN' on them. Some day I'll sell the 16" upper, as I prefer the 20" for my purposes.

FN's factory is in the same town as Palmetto. Here is a link for what I am talking about, in the 16": PSA 16" Carbine CHF upper

There are other options, but I have always had good luck, and good support, from PSA.

Just my 2 cents.
Specifically I want an A2, carry handle upper, not a flat top. Unfortunately these being out of favor and a 16 inch not being historically accurate, there's only one compny Ive even seen selling them and they are unknown to me so I think its gotta be a build.
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