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Who's chrome lined barrel to pick?

I have a future build planned where I want to put together a carry handle upper with a 16 inch barrel, in 5.56. There's just not much out there you find in the configuration (20 inch barrels yes but not the shorter ones)...

Id like this to be of some quality, not so much for tac driving rather for general robustness - like for tracers, getting it hot, lots of volume through it, longevity, etc.. etc..

Im fairly sure it will be a mid length with a non free float guard (probably a magpul with a forward grip), m4 ramps, of course a gas block sight, definitely a 1:7 twist, chrome lined, not a lightweight barrel (maybe a gvt though), and if Im going to piece things together I think I may as well spend a little extra and go for a higher end CHF barrel, ie DD maybe.. Looks like at the moment there are deals to be had so looking for opinions as I will probably grab one soon.

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