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Originally Posted by JJGill View Post
Hey y'all, first post here. My go to "exercise" holster has been a JM4 Tactical QCC lately. I just wrote up an eval on one for the site I manage, but I don't want to seem spammy so I left it out.

I do recommend that holster, though. Here is a link to their website.

Hope that helps.


Hey JJ, would you mind providing a link to your review of that JM4 holster? If you don't want to post it in the thread feel free to PM me with it. I typically carry way less in the warm months because I wear gym shorts a lot so I'm finally looking to get something that lets me carry in those conditions. I carry a CZ P-01 which is a heavier (non plastic) gun so I'm wondering if the JM4 with gym shorts and a tight draw string would do the trick or if it'd still sag too much.

Another option I've considered is the Tactipac FusionPac, which is a belly band with a kydex shell attached to it. The holster looks nice but I've read some negatives things about it and the company itself that make me uneasy to drop $80 on it.

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